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Report: Taking Action

If you are worried about something that has happened to a child/youth online or are concerned about an adult’s online activities involving children, is here to help.

Concerned about a child/youth

If something has happened online that has made you, or a child or youth you know, feel uncomfortable, unsafe, scared or worried, can help. We will listen to your concerns and give you information about steps to take to increase the safety of the child or youth involved.

If your concerns involve being victimized online, it is very important to report to police or to It’s our job to take information about what has happened and involve other agencies as needed to make sure that children and youth are protected and safe.

Concerned about an adult’s online activities

Making the decision to report concerns about someone’s online behaviour can be difficult. You may be experiencing various emotions, worries and/or questioning whether you should make a report. It’s important to know that reporting concerns does not prove that something wrong or illegal has happened – reporting allows for the appropriate agency(ies) to follow up in order to assess and ensure the safety of children. Ultimately, reporting helps protect children.

What happens when I make a report?

You can report concerns through our online report form or by phone at 1-866-658-9022. You have the option to remain anonymous when submitting a report but we do encourage you to provide your contact details in the event follow‑up is required by the appropriate authorities.

Once a report has been submitted, a child protection analyst will review the reported information and any supplemental information located through online searches. If the information pertains to a potentially illegal incident, the report is sent to the appropriate law enforcement agency. Reports that involve a child in possible need of protection are forwarded to the appropriate agencies (e.g., child welfare).

If you are unsure or have questions about reporting or are looking for information on how to keep kids safe online, we welcome you to contact us.