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Mandatory Reporting

  1. Federal Mandatory Reporting

    When Bill C-22, An Act Respecting the Mandatory Reporting of Internet Child Pornography by Persons who Provide an Internet Service, came into force on December 8, 2011, the Canadian Centre for Child Protection (C3P) through was named the designated reporting entity under section 2. This federal legislation requires all persons who provide an internet service to report any incident of internet child pornography.

    If you are a provider of an internet service and you have been advised, in the course of providing that service, of an IP address or a URL where child pornography may be available to the public, you may submit a report to by clicking here. If the URL/IP address in question is located on your network, please report this information to your local law enforcement agency.

  2. Legislation in Manitoba

    In April 2009, Manitoba became the first province in Canada to proclaim the mandatory reporting of child pornography. The Child and Family Services Act was amended to include child pornography in the definition of child abuse. Under this legislation, any individual within Manitoba who sees something they believe to be child pornography is required by law to report it to

    Mandatory Reporting of Child Pornography in Manitoba

    In 2016, under The Intimate Image Protection Act, C3P through was named the designated agency to receive and respond to victims of the non-consensual distribution of an intimate image.

    Manitoba's Intimate Image Protection Act