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Campaigns & Media: Safer Internet Day


On Safer Internet Day, the Canadian Centre for Child Protection is launching modernized Zoe & Molly safety resources for online games. Zoe & Molly materials help teachers and parents have relevant, important conversations about staying safe online with their children in Grades 3 and 4.

These resources help teach children important skills like distinguishing safe and unsafe online boundaries, and telling an adult about inappropriate content, conduct, or contact online. These updated materials reflect the changes we see online through reports to The internet is an unregulated space that is constantly changing – it is critical we help kids build skills to increase their safety. Visit for more information.

Get involved to help create a safer internet EVERY day:

  1. Learn more about online safety and how to get help at
  2. Help us reach youth, parents, and educators on social media by sharing C3P’s tweets, posts and photos.
  3. Report concerns about online sexual violence to

For media inquiries, please contact:

Communications, Canadian Centre for Child Protection (C3P)
Office: (204) 945-8074