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Child Sexual Abuse: Support for Survivors and Their Families

The Canadian Centre for Child Protection (C3P) is committed to supporting survivors of child sexual abuse whose abuse was recorded and, in many cases, distributed online through specialized resources, advocacy, and research in order to find solutions to what is a growing, global issue.

Through the International Survivors’ Survey we are acutely aware of how the trauma of child sexual abuse material online can colour every aspect of survivors’ lives. The courage of survivors who have shared their stories has guided how we can advocate for better resources and support systems for child victims.

You can contribute information about your own experience by completing one or both of C3P’s anonymous surveys:

How We Can Help

Support provided to victims/survivors and their families will vary based on the unique needs of each situation. The supports provided by C3P may include any combination of the below:

  • Helping to reduce the availability of sexual images/videos online through Project Arachnid. C3P has encountered an increasing number of survivors reaching out to have Project Arachnid crawl for their images rather than attempting to self‑monitor this on their own
  • Assisting with connections to support services such as counselling/therapy and providing information and assistance with navigating systems (e.g., victim services)
  • Support to protective caregivers around immediate safety planning and supervision
  • Psychoeducation for survivors and protective caregivers
  • Safety education for survivors and protective caregivers
  • Assisting with victim impact statements for situations specific to online exploitation
  • Providing survivors with information about financial options/remedies specific to online victimization that may be available in their region

If you or someone you know is a survivor of child sexual abuse material and is in need of support, or would like to learn more about our work with survivors, connect with us here.