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Your Donation Helps Protect Children is operated by the Canadian Centre for Child Protection (C3P), a charity dedicated to the personal safety of all children. offers a number of programs, services and resources that help reduce sexual abuse and exploitation of children and prevent child victimization. offers services to teens, families, educators, child‑serving organizations, and more.

With your help, can continue to:

  1. Reduce child victimization online – intakes reports from the public and triages them to law enforcement, child welfare, or other child protection entities to help actively protect children.’s automated platform, Project Arachnid, crawls the web finding and reporting child sexual abuse material around the world to help break the cycle of abuse for survivors.
  2. Support a teen in crisis – Youth whose intimate images have been shared without their consent often are scared, confused, and feel as if they have nowhere to turn for help. takes reports from youth in crisis and provides steps on how to gain back control while offering support along the way.
  3. Educate families about how to safeguard children online – provides families with age‑appropriate information and resources on the ever‑changing online interests of children, the potential risks they face, and proactive strategies to help keep their child/youth safe online.
  4. Empower children and youth to stay safe through education – directs children and youth to resources that build safety confidence, critical thinking skills, and helps prepare them for potentially dangerous situations both online and in the real world.
  5. Advocate for survivors of child exploitation – is just one way C3P creates awareness about issues relating to exploited children, and provides support and a voice to survivors of online exploitation.

You can support us in helping families and protecting children by donating today.